VOLUME 6RSubleasing for Renters: Who’s Responsible for Repairs?
By Eric Lyerly, Esq.
Airbnb provides property owners with a convenient way to rent their property on a short-term basis. Renters may try to cash in and sublease too. But if the landlord approves the sublease, what are the consequences if an Airbnb guest damages the property?

Repairs and Maintenance of the Rental Property
One of the greatest liabilities for renters using Airbnb is when guests damage the rental property. This damage could range from holes in the wall to bedbugs. In this case, it will likely be the tenant that is responsible for repairing or upgrading the damaged property.

By listing a rental on Airbnb, the tenant has effectively become the landlord. The tenants will be responsible for ensuring that the property is habitable and safe for Airbnb guests. Landlords may include a provision in the lease specifying the renter’s liability for guest or sublease damage to the property. But they do not have to.

Photo credit: paulsbarlow7/PixabayRenters are typically accountable for repairing damage done by them or their guests. They can mitigate their financial exposure for guest-caused property damage by purchasing host damage protection insurance from Airbnb, along with renters insurance. They can also purchase host liability insurance to protect themselves from personal injury claims.

Renters may be able to list their rental properties on Airbnb. However, they should realize that they will be responsible for maintaining the property in safe condition for guests and repairing any damage resulting from short-term rentals.